The “TaTa Top”!


Attention trendsetters! As most of you are busy taking an inventory on your warm-weather attire,  consider a radical new way to make a statement regarding gender equality this  summer — on the beach or at the pool — The “TaTa-Top”!
Tata_Top_3Robyn and Michelle Lytle from Chicago have designed the TaTa top which can be worn anywhere, making a statement of freedom and equality, yet not actually going topless. loves this!

The TaTa Top website posts the women’s mission statement as: “The TaTa Top is far more than nipples on a bikini top. As a brand we work to promote questioning the social norm and digging deeper when it comes to society’s expectations.

From mothers and daughters who purchase together, breastfeeding advocates, entire sports teams, fundraisers, activists, protesters, breast cancer survivors, and women who just want to have fun, our customers understand and embrace this important mission”.

 Photo Credits on this page: Wendy McLeod / Kelowna Now

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