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Karen Klay and her husband Mark Klay are Arizona Artists, designing unique and beautiful southwestern pieces called bultos. Their original and artwork can be seen here: Mark and Karen Klay.

Karen Klay

Karen’s Story — Karen had just had a routine Mammogram and three months later while in the shower, she accidentally located a small lump about the size of a marble on her breast.

As it turned out, Karen was diagnosed with a microscopic, rare yet very aggressive type of breast cancer — Triple Negative HER2. Karen was not a carrier of any of the high risk genes for breast cancer (BRCA1, BRCA2, and PALB2) and also had no family history of the disease.

Karen underwent 4 months of chemotherapy suffered a lot of painful side effects and eventually had a double mastectomy.

Karen’s Story on AZ“The Art of Survival”


Karen wants to spread the word on the importance of self breast-examinations, stating, “NEVER simply rely on annual mammograms and physicals!”

The American Cancer Society has a how-to-guide on self-breast examinations. encourages everyone — women and men — to conduct a self-check monthly.


Karen and Mark were forced to cancel a full year of their art exhibits forfeiting their main and only source of income. As self-employed artists, they now have found themselves in a tough spot financially — faced with numerous medical bills and the possibility of having to file bankruptcy. encourages the community to help Karen Klay through the GiveForward Organization.

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