is proud to be an official Bra Recycling Ambassador!


How about recycling that bra? Have you ever purchased a bra and realized later you weren’t properly fit for the bra, or you may have lost or gained weight rapidly and now find that your bra doesn’t fit correctly? Many of us may keep bras around for a season or two — or possibly years — they lay around in boxes or drawers unused, in hopes that they may someday fit or be used. They may have been pricey and we just do not feel right tossing them in the trash. Well recently I discovered an organization through The Breast Cancer Society located in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona called The Bra Recyclers®  (in Gilbert, AZ).  What is unique about The Bra Recyclers® is that they are a textile recycling company which specialize distributing used (and unused) bras through exporters to needy women and daughters throughout the world! If you have bras you aren’t using and want to donate to a worthwhile cause … just think of all the ladies out there that may benefit from your gift … something directly from your heart to theirs!

brHead_01 has partnered with The Bra Recyclers® to become an official Bra Recycling Ambassador and has worked to establish a drop off location for gently used bras at Twice Upon A Time Thrift Store, a Thrift Store in Mesa, Arizona. is passionate about women’s health, breast health in general, breast cancer awareness and helping others to use their resources wisely, especially in ways that can help others. By being an Ambassador for The Bra Recyclers®, we can raise awareness of breast health, women’s safety and resources, and a holistic approach to our environment.



The owners of Twice Upon A Time Thrift Store have gently-used products for the entire family. The owners are very community minded and active in helping those in need by networking with others on creative projects for the homeless, and continually donating and contributing to local charities!
Twice Upon A Time Thrift Store has a drop-off box for your gently used bras!
They are located at 2610 W. Baseline Road, Mesa, Arizona 85202.
Just ask about The Bra Recyclers® and the Drop-box!

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