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MyBosom.com is dedicated to breast health awareness issues through community involvement, with a focus on self-love and freedom from shame from our bodies. Mybosom.com offers opportunities to find informational resources, expand awareness, share personal testimonies. Mybosom.com also links to outlets through online and face-to-face support groups and bra-recycling efforts in order to help women and the environment!

“I initially created MyBosom.com up over a year ago as a Breast Cancer Awareness site. I participated with a local textile recycler in a bra recycling initiative to drive bra donations; gently-used bras that are donated would help women and their daughters in need or the materials would get recycled.

I am not a breast cancer survivor but I did have silicone breast implants. In an ironic twist I began to connect the dots and discovered through my own research in mid 2015 that the numerous health issues I had been experiencing over the previous 3 years were more than likely a result of my implants; experiencing muscle & joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, extreme fatigue; benign masses being discovered on my liver, kidney & armpit, a nodule on my lung, positive autoimmune indicators in my blood and a foreign body rejection along with numerous other physical issues.

Before spending more time and money on more endless tests and medical bills beyond what I had already pursued, I decided to have explant surgery of my implants which took place less than 2 weeks ago (March 30, 2016). To date, I feel completely different, full of energy and free from the majority of my pain and other pre-surgery symptoms which have already subsided! I am on the road to detoxing and living a healthier life!

I have been very ill the last 6 months (including surgery recovery) so I haven’t been able to contribute much to this site but I am committed to spreading awareness of BII (Breast Implant Illness) and helping to usher in the new mindset of society — how women and men should find our natural bodies DESIRABLE!! I’ve partnered with a local ND, Dr. Talismae Martin, to host BII support group meetings in the Phoenix Metro area (Tempe and Sun City, 1 meeting at each location every two weeks). Dr. Martin also does chemical hair analysis and provides detox advice for our attendees.”
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